100 Words of Solitude: The Book

Luxury Edition, front cover
Paperback Edition, front cover

Now available to buy!

The luxury hardback edition comes with sewn binding, coloured endpapers, head and tailbands, gloss dust jacket over boards covered in Wibalin Buckram cloth with foil blocking on the spine.

Highly limited charity edition, individually numbered, with no reprints!

Available here: https://literati-magazine.com/lm-emporium/lm-emporium-store/

Hardback: €39, inc. p&p anywhere in the world.
Paperback: €15, inc. p&p anywhere in the world.

100 Words of Solitude are delighted to announce that we have signed an agreement with Rare Swan Press to publish a print collection of the initial project, both to help share the wonderful writing of the contributors and to raise money for global humanitarian projects.

There are two editions available:
1. A hardback version: limited-edition, individually numbered, printed on the finest paper available and with hand-stitched bindings, head-and-tail bands and ribbon markers, and silver foiling on the spine. It will also come with full-colour dust jacket.

2. A paperback version of the same book, priced as cheaply as it can possibly be, with the sole aim of getting these words out to as many readers as possible.

If you are interested in ordering the limited hardback version, please get in touch with us using the contact form, here, or by emailing us at 100wordsofsolitude@gmail.com.

Charitable Declaration:

100 Words of Solitude has always been a not-for-profit project. In collaborating with Rare Swan Press we have been able to guarantee that this will remain the case, and we are thrilled to be working with them on the publication of the book.

All revenue, over and above costs, will be donated to UNICEF and/or UNHCR and/or similar humanitarian organisations, as the recognised, chosen charitable beneficiaries. More details will be posted here about the destination of funds raised, and where possible the precise use to which they will be put.

In practical terms, this means that we will donate all monies received after deductions have been made only for the printing and distribution (postage) costs. The Publisher, the Editors and all the authors in the book have given and continue to give their creative talents, time and expertise at no cost, and to all of them we are grateful beyond words!

The Editors will act as accountants and administrators for this aspect of the book. In line with the Institute of Fundraising’s guide to best practice, we will be “Legal, Open, Honest and Respectful”, and will provide details of the amounts raised and donated from time to time on the site. Full accounts will be prepared, shared with Rare Swan Press, and be available for inspection upon request.