Manuela Palacios

The Kids

And, now, plenty of time to look at them,
to follow their games, their fun and frolics,
to consider their growth, their glee and glamour
the revelation of this Spring’s fragrances
the renewed blooming colours
their filial attachment, the call from the wildness
that permanent candid smile on their faces which
biology has branded them with.
They turn round and watch me, if I step out
just to gauge my intentions.
See? No harm meant.
Back to their herd immunity.
They obviously do not need me
and I return to my circumscribed, uncompanionable

My neighbour’s goats,
from my window.

Manuela Palacios teaches English literature and lives in rural Galicia ‒North-western Spain. She is currently doing research on eco-poetry and the animal trope. Manuela is an avid reader of international literature and a translator of Irish, Galician and Arabic poetry.

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