Maria S. Picone

We Have Names for You

Negotiating your groceries with an Instacart worker
Take this hunger for the commonplace and learn,                   food insecurity

Flutter of fear at receiving your annual physical
Take this tremble about going to the hospital and learn,       lack of coverage

The dread that 2020 has deprived your child
Take this tumult in our schools and learn,                        access to education

The substantial self-doubt of what a body can yield
Take this restriction on your physical activities and learn,                 disability

Awareness of your vulnerable body,                             immunocompromised
A drifting space capsule                                                                     isolation
anguish over those who dispute your facts                           survivors’ stories

Take your compassion,                                                                            learn

As a freelancer, Maria S. Picone has been dealing with cat meetings, un/muted mics, and self-scheduling for longer than most. She loves poetry, flash fiction, and oil painting and has an MFA from Goddard College. You can see her work and publications on her Twitter @mspicone, or her website,

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