Joshua Kepreotis


It is written.

There is a language of the world, a universal truth, not specific to one person more than any another, but to all.

It is unspoken. It happens in the silences, filling the gaps between us. It wisps around, an energy that is cosmic.

To hear it, we must believe in our collective oneness. Your personal journey is linked to mine, and my experience of this world is yours too.

We are using it, right now, in response to an external force. It is felt. The collective nod, an extended heart, a sadness we share.

It is Maktub.

Joshua Kepreotis is a writer from Australia, recently moved to Kythira, Greece. He was in lockdown in the Channel Islands, having got stuck there visiting his sister and her family. A 6 day stay turned into 80, and a family of 4 into 6 – multiplying love.

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