Ali Prince


It was self-indulgent dramatics. Looking at a shelf and welling up with Soviet drudgery before realising the shelf was two thirds full with 15 different types of chocolate including ‘Aztec Chili’.

The silence, though, the rebooting, seventies silence. And the typical human contrariness – I never so much wanted to visit a church.

Some people are comparing it to a broken heart – they wake up, and for a few moments, forget anything has changed – and then the brazen birds and boastful blossoms remind them Spring is hitching up her skirt so high because she’s home alone with mother’s make-up kit.

Ali Prince grew up in South-East London and has two books available on Amazon; Digital Scum; a neo-Luddite dystopian anthem, and Gristle to the Mill; a complete collection of short stories, poems, essays and preoccupations with the delusions, compulsions and manias running through the veins of contemporary society.

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