Rosaleen Lynch

Covid19 Time Capsule Items List (Archive Copy)

CV19 test result
Quarantine pass
Ration book (used)
Mask filter – Disney
Lipstick (unused)
Coins & keys (pre non-touch-tech)
Family VC photo
Jam jar of contaminated air – DO NOT OPEN
V badge (proof of vax)
Personal hygiene straw
Portable-O2 tap
Substitutions recipes
Covid-OASIS membership card
Headline cutting – LAST NEWSPAPER
Baby teeth in Vitamin D bottle
Metre beeper (clip-on model)
Hand-san (empty)
Seeds (pre-flooding)
Rusted bicycle bell
Solar water-filter
Match book (from bar in pre-evac town)
Tent peg and fishing line
Three lucky bennies
Passport rejection – NRA (No Re-applying Allowed)
X scored leaf
Sealed tin capsule (once used for glass vials)

Rosaleen Lynch, an Irish community worker/writer in London’s East End, loves stories – conversational, literary or performed and believes words can make the world a better place. These 100 words were prompted by economist Tim Harford’s recent concerns about having enough glass vials, even if we get enough Covid19 vaccine. @quotes_52.


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