Jean Rath, Katie Piper, Phil Noone, Jack Pritchard


For one entire year instead of trekking exotic world locales,
I watched the seasons of the river at my doorstep:
goslings, turtles, leaves, and ice.

My porch; she’s a holder, a hood, a safe exposer,
a curve for my thoughts.
She warms my back while I meet, what I meet.

Early morning mist, veils of simple beauty surrounding grasses.
Fields of white. I am alone, silent in this nature moment.
Each new. I am enriched.

We remember our dreams now –
what would once have been forgotten upon waking,
we share because in these empty days, dreams are our only news.

Jean Rath is a freelance copy editor, living with their husband in an apartment by the Rideau River in Ottawa, Canada. They appreciate the quiet lockdown life for what it is, and spend their spare time reading, writing, and, these days, looking out the window at the river.
Katie Piper is British and now lives in Wodonga, Australia with her Aussie hubby and toddler. Katie is a nurse-academic and uses creative story work as a teaching tool. Her work has appeared in: Ellipsis Zine, Reflex Fiction, The Cabinet of Heed, X-ray Literary Mag and Rejection Letters. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2020 for her contribution to 100 Words of Solitude.
Phil Noone is a mindfulness teacher/ lecturer in nursing, passionate about habit formation and its impact on wellbeing.  They love walking in nature and photography, allowing the stillness and solitude to enrich their soul.  
Jack Pritchard is living a solitary life in a small narrowboat on the River Thames in rural Oxfordshire.


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