Shannon Kenny, Ruth Clarke, E.E. Rhodes, Salil Chaturvedi


My windows are portals to the city and the ocean
beyond – and offer hope for a time we will connect
with no distance between us.

Dark sea, dinghies, the stench. Trapped in work, always the work
as an escape from the Unprecedented Horror
of another twenty-four hours on the couch.

I take one piece of paper. And fold. Crease. Fold.
Collapsing. Expanding. A sink, a squash, a tessellation.
A mountain… A valley… My origami world.

Looking out the window I see a squirrel hop and I discover
the distance travelled since my childhood.
On a leaf edge a beetle pauses.

Shannon Kenny lives in Durban, South Africa and is so grateful for life and the abundance of love and grace she has experienced in a plague year.
Ruth Clarke is a translator from Italian, French and Spanish and a founding member of The Starling Bureau, a collective of Literary Translators. She has been translating migrant stories during lockdown. Ruth lives in Sheffield, overlooking the hills.
E. E. Rhodes is an archaeologist who lives, during lockdown, in Worcestershire in the U.K. Her quarantine year has been spent folding – words, paper, and fabric creations. She has made 352 figures from scraps of writing to date. They sit on her kitchen windowsill, contemplating the possible life beyond.
Salil Chaturvedi writes short fiction and poetry that has appeared in various journals. He is the author of the poetry collection, In The Sanctuary of a Poem.



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