D T Earnshaw, Fiona Lewis, Debbie Robson, Ingrid Littmann-Tai


The dogs smile brightly again. Despite everything.
The warmth of human companionship: the best antidote.
Tails wagging, slapping me awake. It’s hard not to smile.

I walk daily, face upturned to the astonishing landscape of clouds,
urgently needing to feel
all the sunshine, wind, rain or snow hurled at me.

Look to the skies, listen to the beating of wings,
birds making endless loops, crisscrossing the world;
joyful chatter as serene as those watching them.

As the mountains come into full view my shoulders drop,
I exhale. The morning sun cuts across the windshield,
a smile creeps across your face.

D T Earnshaw is an author living in the Northwest of England. He hosts The Wheelbarrow Podcast, as well as running The Wheelbarrow Blog. More of his works can be found on his personal blog: dtearnshaw.wordpress.com.
Fiona Lewis is an English teacher living in Oxfordshire, currently coping with online teaching whilst parenting her own children who are remote schooling. She walks the same route from the front door nearly every day, while longing to be in the mountains or singing with friends.
Since the lockdown Debbie Robson has found that nature has become so much more important to her, particularly the birds near the local creek. http://www.debbierobson.net
Ingrid Littmann-Tai is a Canadian freelance writer, focusing on memoir, personal essays and travel tales. She is an avid traveller and photography enthusiast. Ingrid loves long walks in the Alberta Rocky Mountains and lazy summer days at the lake.



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