Life in the Time of Corona

The following pieces document, chronologically, the impact of the lockdowns in the West. They depict intimate moments, behaviours and feelings from real life in the time of Coronavirus.


Rosaleen Lynch
Philip Berry
Rebecca Patterson
Xandr Holloway
Dave O’Leary
Britt Reading
Katie Isham
Ian Croasdell
Kate Rigby
Caroline Sheppard
Sue Burge
Valerie Griffin
James Northern
Michele Witthaus
Clare Dean
Nicola Ashbrook
Kristen Simental
Laura Besley
Zoe Turner
Asha Krishna
Ali Prince
David Hartley
Steven Patchett
Rosalind Adam


When the world is on pause, everything changes…

…time bleeds, emotions shift, behaviour adapts, nature responds, relationships evolve.