The submission window for 100 Words: The Practice of Solitude opens on Monday, 18th January 2021 and closed on Sunday, 28th February 2021.

We are posting the combined pieces over the next weeks: please keep sharing, connecting and following the project!

Submission Terms and Guidelines:

  • Submissions are FREE to everyone. We want to make sure there is no financial barrier to submitting, especially during these difficult times. If you have any spare money, donate it to a charity helping those who are suffering the most from the current situation.
  • Submissions MUST be exactly 25 words long and untitled. Any submissions not meeting this criteria will not be considered by the panel for possible inclusion in the project.
  • By submitting your 25 words you will be giving permission for the editors to fuse your work with that of other writers to produce a new vignette/poem, with each author credited in order of their lines appearing in the work as a co-author. This fusion may include minor alterations to the submitted works, such as layout, pronouns, punctuation or tense, in order for the fused piece to retain overall coherence. No other textual alterations will be made without the author’s explicit consent in advance.
  • Submissions must be in English, however we welcome translations so long as translators are duly acknowledged.
  • Submissions must be original, written specifically for this project, and inspired by those actions, objects and places that have gained special significance during the latest lockdowns and restrictions of the Covid-19 global pandemic 2020/21.
  • All submissions will be peer reviewed by a panel of writers/teachers/critics, and selected pieces will be put forward to the Editors/Curators for online publication. We will endeavour to respond to each submission personally, and you will be notified by email if your work is selected for publication. (Please be patient though, as this project is being run in addition to the panel’s own day jobs, family commitments and negotiation of the unfolding situation!)
  • Accepted work will be published on the 100 Words Of Solitude webpage, and as part of this will be promoted across social media. As this is a not for profit project, we cannot offer payment. Full credit will be given to each author of the fused piece.
  • By submitting your work you expressly consent to granting 100 Words of Solitude the rights to publish the English language work, in electronic form, throughout the world. You also certify that you own such rights and that the entirety of the work submitted is original to the Author(s).
  • Each author retains the rights to their own 25 words alone. No reprint, republication or other dissemination of the published, co-authored piece is permitted without the express, written consent of the co-authors of the piece, and the Editors/Curators.
  • Please email submissions to with the creative work in the body of the email to avoid any attachment issues! Please provide a short personal biog of no more than 50 words, together with the region/country of your current lockdown location, so we can learn a little about you. This doesn’t have to be about your writing career to date, but a little about who you are and where the work was written. We will publish this along with your piece if you are chosen.

Should the project not reach completion due to the pandemic adversely affecting the health of those running it, we will endeavour to let you all know via an announcement.