Rosaleen Lynch

Covid19 Time Capsule Items List (Archive Copy) CV19 test resultQuarantine passRation book (used)Mask filter – DisneyLipstick (unused)Coins & keys (pre non-touch-tech)Family VC photoJam jar of contaminated air – DO NOT OPENV badge (proof of vax)Personal hygiene strawPortable-O2 tapSubstitutions recipesCovid-OASIS membership cardHeadline cutting – LAST NEWSPAPERBaby teeth in Vitamin D bottleMetre beeper (clip-on model)Hand-san (empty)Seeds (pre-flooding)Rusted … More Rosaleen Lynch

Rebecca Patterson

I took time to notice On the second day of lockdown,during my allotted hour of exercise,I noticed a bunch of fresh flowers on the doorstep of a house and thought, oh, how kind. Every lockdown day as I walked, I saw those waiting flowersgradually wilting in their kindness,their fragile presence still bringing joyto all who would take time … More Rebecca Patterson

Britt Reading

Wilting Inside I am the wildflowers you pickedThat your mother told you to leave for the other little girls to enjoyWilting in your pocketBruised against your thighI do not belong here I want to dig my feet into the earthTurn my face towards the sunListen as the bee whispers his gossipSwish my petal soft skirt … More Britt Reading

Kate Rigby

Dying Incidentally in Lock Down There were no exceptions. We had thought to visit a dying man,a non-infectious, non-contagious,non-contentious dying man,swimming up through the oromorph. They are so old, these friendship ties,barely frayed. They bind us still,as his kind soft hands rest on the edge of life. Touch is forbidden, this much we know –the … More Kate Rigby

Caroline Sheppard

Island On Wednesdays he leaves the IslandA trip to the mainland to get our shopping.The wake from our little boatComes back to me on the shore.I whisper a prayerAnd then I feel foolish.When he returnsHe tells me how the world is.The images mix in my head with my anxietyLike the weed and brambles on the … More Caroline Sheppard

Michele Witthaus

Fever dream Last night, I dreamed that I went to church.When I arrived, the pews were full.I gazed at the mass of solemn, expectant faces.I found a seat in the corner, some distance from the crowdbut was called up nonetheless.They pronounced my name wrongyet I did not correct it.Fixing a tiny microphone to my collar, … More Michele Witthaus